July 18, 2024

FQxI is delighted to announce our new partnership with PUZZLE X, the world’s leading event for Exponential Technologies for the future, which collides science, art, technology, business and policy.

We will be running sessions across two days at PUZZLE X 2023, in Barcelona (Nov 7-9), featuring FQxI members Sir Roger Penrose, Natalia Ares and Bob Coecke talking about quantum, consciousness and AI. We are pleased to be able to offer a limited number of free passes to the event. If you have not done so already, please subscribe to the QSpace newsletter (scroll down to the bottom of the QSpace site) before 30 October, when we will release a code for a batch of free passes, which will be redeemed by PUZZLE X on a first come, first served basis.

You are invited to an exciting 3-day event that will reveal the horizons of technology. From quantum, biotech, climate tech, energy, sensors, frontier matter, sentient cities, and more, there are many pieces that make up the world of Exponential Technologies. PUZZLE X is a unique event that brings all these pieces of the puzzle together in one place, at one time. Join us to discuss DNA data storage, exotic computing, quantum+AI, brain interfaces, 2D materials, CRISPR, and fusion energy.

Learn from:

  • Sir Roger Penrose, Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. Bill Phillips, Nobel Laureate
  • Sir Robin Saxby, Founding CEO & Chairman, ARM
  • Sir Kostya Novoselov, Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. Hiroshi Ishii, Vice Director of MIT Media Lab
  • Nabil Alnuaim, CEO, Aramco Digital
  • Dr. Andreu Mas-Colell, Founder of Barcelona School of Economics
  • Dr. Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Officer, Telefonica

In addition, as you might know, there is currently a resolution to the United Nations to proclaim 2025 the International Year of Quantum Science & Technologies. (IYQ2025). The proposal will be presented by UNESCO to the UN General Assembly at the end of 2023. To add critical weight at this pivotal stage of the proposal, key international figures in quantum science and technology are invited to sign a collective Open Letter to encourage the United Nations to pass this resolution and proclaim 2025 the International Year of Quantum. The signed Open Letter will be presented to the UNESCO Delegation leading the effort and will be presented to the corresponding parties ahead of the UN General Assembly.

The Open Letter is now available for digital signatures: Here.

The physical celebration and ceremonial signing of the Open Letter by key global figures will take place on November 9 in Barcelona at the Quantum Key Stakeholder Assembly and you have a sincere invitation to join this momentous occasion.

We hope to see you in November!