July 18, 2024

Dean Rickles is professor of history and philosophy of modern physics at the University of Sydney. He has written on quantum gravity, string theory, symmetries, spacetime, and dual aspect monism.

Dean Rickles on quantum gravity, time, QBism, monism, string theory | Thing in itself w/ Ashar Khan

0:00 intro 2:46 why philosophy of physics 4:01 spacetime is not fundamental 8:29 cognitive experience of time 10:24 quantum gravity and string theory 17:30 math: platonism and constructivism 24:14 QBism 30:14 many worlds 35:30 limits on knowledge 37:09 second order cybernetics 41:53 reductionism 43:56 Wheeler and information 45:48 dual aspect monism 51:11 Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung correspondence 55:12 meaning 58:43 consciousness 1:02:43 ecological psychology 1:04:05 music theory, tonality, and meter 1:09:14 meaning in life