July 12, 2024

Dr. Eliahu Cohen is a pioneering theoretical physicist and quantum engineer. He is currently a senior lecturer at the Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan University in Israel. He is also a member of the “Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials” and the “Center for Quantum Entanglement Science & Technology” at the same university. In addition, he is the head of the new Quantum Engineering BSc Program, where he teaches Quantum Computation, Applied Quantum Mechanics, and Applied Thermodynamics.

In today’s discussion, Prof. Cohen talks to Luis Razo Bravo, the executive director of EISM, as part of EISM’s “Leadership Series” of talks. Among the discussion topics are Prof. Cohen’s theoretical and practical interests in various quantum technologies and Dr. Cohen’s many years of collaboration with the eminent theoretical physicist, Yakir Aharanov. Cohen and Razo also discuss how Aharanov’s “two-state vector” framework continues to inspire Cohen’s research, and about some of the controversies related to the idea that a backward-evolving wave function can be a useful approach to thinking about the deepest puzzles at the foundations of physics.